08 February 2020

My name Giuseppina. I am a sicilian tour guide

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The tours we propose is not the usual tours that can be found in the most famous tour operator’s catalogs. It is made of real Sicilian experiences, of important sites drawn from the ancient testimonies of the peoples who colonized Sicily in ancient times.

We will visit important places in the following cities and villages: Palermo, Cefalù, Erice, Marsala, Agrigento, Taormina, Siracusa, Ragusa. The above-mentioned sites are the ones that anyone coming to Sicily wants to see but vsiting them with us will make the difference. You will live real Sicilian experiences that are made only for us; you will not meet big groups of foreign tourists but you will come in contact with our traditions instead; you will meet the Sicilian people who live their every day lives and you will do the same with them.

You will be taken to some Sicilian farms, where you will see how cows are milked, how ricotta and cheese are made. In the farms you will feel an authentic atmosphere and you will have the opportunity to taste the typical Sicilian biological products that are good and healthy for your body because they are natural and no chemical.

We will meet the onion producers in a small ancient village in the province of Ragusa called Giarratana. The producers will guide us throughtout an olfactory journey; we will have a taste of the local products such as the famous Onion of Giarratana DOP and the aromas born in the territory such as the saffron, the thyme, the marjoram and the oregano.

Giarratana is not a tourist place but a place for locals; you will visit the ancient district with its cave dwellings that today in Italy are more famous than the ones located in the city of Matera. The caves are furnished as they have been used until the 1950s. Inside the cave you will see the bed with a container tool underneath, at that time it was the toilet service. Next to it you will see the small stable where the donkey, the farmer's noble animal, rested. In the cave a small kitchen, with the oven, is also located; that was the place where meals had to be prepared for the family. In other caves you will see the workshops of ancient crafts such as the blacksmith, carpenter, tailor and more.

Then you will be taken to our impressive wineries and mills where you will take a look at the extra virgin olive oil production. The olive harvest and grinding are made with biological systems. You will appreciate all of this with guided tastings, lunch or dinner in the unique and unknown farmhouses and original cellars.

This is real Sicily, the island that our drivers and our local guides will show you and that cannot be seen troughtout other websites or social network. During your tour our drivers will not act as a tourist guide because we respect the law so the driver will take care of you, your luggages, he will make sure that your trip is confortable and safe, while the tourist guide, we work with, will take care of telling you the history of Sicily and give you the opportunity to meet local people, showing you the way to live experiences you will tell. All of this because our mission is to give you a beautiful memory made of emotions you will make with us and with our friends.

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Guida turistica culturale
Specializzata su Palermo, Cefalù, Erice, Segesta
Esperta in tour di luoghi e siti meno conosciuti
Conosce i luoghi che nel passato erano vissuti dalla Mafia
Specializzata nelle ricerche della storia delle famiglie siciliane espatriate

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