Food and wine tour in the province of Ragusa, full day

food wine

First stop of the tour for a guided tour of the medieval old town of Giarratana.

Second stop to visit a craft dairy where you take part in a tasting of Sicilian sheep and goat cheeses.

Third stop to visit a very special company, as it cultivates, produces and transforms the famous Onion of Giarratana. We visit the company and participate in a process of tasting the derivatives of onion as extracts, ketchup of onions, onion sauces and much more.

Fourth stage to learn about Chiaramonte Gulfi extra virgin olive oil (award-winning internationally). Visit company with explanation of the production process and guided tasting. Visit the ancient village of Chiaramonte Gulfi with a guided tour of the oil, war and Liberty museums. We will also have an experience dedicated to Sicilian wines, visiting a winery and participating in a tasting tour.

  • Modica
  • Modica chocolate
  • Scicli
  • Cheeses and ricotta
  • Olive laboratory
  • Winery