Private tour to visit Siracusa and Noto

on 27 January 2019

Visit Siracusa and Noto

There will be at your disposal a driver with car or luxury van. For this tour you can only have the driver who speaks basic English or just the driver who speaks English or the driver and a second person with qualification as a professional tour guide who speaks foreign languages (English, French, Spanish).

You will meet our driver at 09:00 am. Departure and the first stop will be to visit the Syracuse archaeological area. You will visit the Greek theater and the catacombs of San Giovanni, (THE TUNNELS OF HISTORY) an underground journey will lead you to the discovery of the largest catacombs in Syracuse, an extraordinary place of worship for beauty and history. Through its large galleries, you will travel to the womb of the earth and breathe a climate full of sacredness; You will discover, in the peace of a millennial sleep, the secret of life beyond death.

Second stop will be made in Ortigia. Ortigia which is the ancient city of Syracuse that is surrounded by the sea and we Sicilians call it the island in the island. Here you will have three hours of free time to make a visit with relaxation and a typical local lunch in a restaurant that will recommend our driver listening to our wishes and what you like.

The third stop is to visit one of the most important cities of the Sicilian Baroque, Noto.

Here we can take a nice walk through the baroque buildings with the balconies below have the famous MASCHERONI which are great works of art that depict important expressions for the communication between the people and the politics of the city.

The important event in Noto it is called: the infiorata of Noto.

The floral carpet or greeting to Spring: in Nicolaci in Noto, each year the third sunday in May, a cascade of thousands of flowers, making the vision of the city full of scents and colors. This event is one of the best on the island of Sicily is the actual city of Noto that brings all these things to the togheter that creates an architectonic Stage.

At 5.00 pm we leave from Noto to go to your residence or hotel.

Noto Cattedrale
Duomo Di Sr
Noto Infiorata
Noto Mascheroni
Ortigia Castello
Teatro Greco Siracusa

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Need help? Call us now!
Italy +39 347 6708101 Ask informations