Private tour of Taormina and the Etna Volcano

on 22 January 2019

Visit Taormina and the Etna Volcano

There will be at your disposal a driver with car or luxury van. For this tour you can only have the driver who speaks basic English or just the driver who speaks English or the driver and a second person with qualification as a professional tour guide who speaks foreign languages (English, French, Spanish).

You will meet our driver at 09:00 am.Departure and the first stop will be to visit the active volcano of Etna. Our vehicles are authorized to reach 2000 meters in height.
We are in an area called Sapienza refuge and here there are refreshment points, coffee bar. toilets and from here you can have a fantastic experience, walking easily inside a crater of the volcano.
I recommend everyone to have a windbreaker and comfortable shoes to walk over the cold lava of the volcano.

At 12.00 we have finished this experience and we have 2 options:

First option is to go directly to Taormina to have free time for visiting the ancient village and for free lunch.Travel time to Taormina is 45 minutes.

Second option is to visit a winery of Etna to visit the winery, tasting the wines of Etna and a lunch with typical Etna cuisine. The travel time to get to the winery is 30 minutes.

After lunch in winery, we go to Taormina for a free visit of the ancient village. The time to get to Taormina is 40 minutes.

At 5.00 pm we leave from Taormina to go to your residence or hotel.

Cantina 2
Etna Cratere Silvestri
Etna Da Via Etnea
Etna Vinicio 1
Taormina 2
Taormina Pittori

Need help? Call us now! Italy +39 347 6708101 Ask informations

Need help? Call us now!
Italy +39 347 6708101 Ask informations