Tour around Sicily, days: 6 or 12

The tour we propose is not the usual tour that can be found in the most famous tour operator’s catalogs.Personalize the tour with you. This tour includes all of Sicily in 12 days but it is possible to develop the tour in two parts and book only the 6 days tour to visit the north part or the 6 days tour only the south part.

                                                 11 giorni tour della Sicilia

it is made of real Sicilian experiences, of important sites drawn from the ancient testimonies of the peoples who colonized Sicily in ancient times.
We will visit important places in the following cities and villages: Palermo, Cefalù, Erice, Marsala, Agrigento, Taormina, Siracusa, Ragusa. The above-mentioned sites are the ones that anyone coming to Sicily wants to see but vsiting them with us will make the difference. You will live real Sicilian experiences that are made only for us;  you will not meet big groups of foreign tourists but you will come in contact with our traditions instead; you will meet the Sicilian people who live their every day lives and you will do the same with them.
You will be taken to some Sicilian farms, where you will see how cows are milked, how ricotta and cheese are made. In the farms you will feel an authentic atmosphere and you will have the opportunity to taste the typical Sicilian biological products that are good and healthy for your body because they are natural and no chemical.
We will meet the onion producers in a small ancient village in the province of Ragusa called Giarratana.  The producers will guide us throughtout an olfactory journey; we will have a taste of the local products such as  the famous Onion of Giarratana DOP and the aromas born in the territory such as the saffron, the thyme, the marjoram and the oregano.
Giarratana is not a tourist place but a place for locals; you will visit the ancient district with its cave dwellings that today  in Italy are more famous than the ones located in the city of Matera. The caves are furnished as they have been used until the 1950s. Inside the cave you will see the bed with a container tool underneath, at that time it  was the toilet service. Next to it you will see the small stable where the donkey, the farmer's noble animal,  rested. In the cave a small kitchen, with the oven,  is also located; that was the place where meals had to be prepared for the family. In other caves you will see the workshops of ancient crafts such as the blacksmith, carpenter, tailor and more.
Then you will be taken to our impressive wineries and mills where you will take a look at the extra virgin olive oil production. The olive harvest and grinding are made with biological systems. You will appreciate all of this with guided tastings, lunch or dinner in the unique and unknown farmhouses and original cellars.
This is real Sicily, the island that our drivers and our local guides will show you and that cannot be seen troughtout other websites or social network. During your tour our drivers will not act as a tourist guide because we respect the law so the driver will take care of you, your luggages, he will make sure that your trip is confortable and safe, while the tourist guide, we work with, will take care of telling you the history of Sicily and give you the opportunity to meet local people, showing you the way to live experiences you will tell. All of this because our mission is to give you a beautiful memory made of emotions you will make with us and with our friends.

1° day.   ( from here begins the tour of the northern part of Sicily )

Arrive a Palermo airport (stop nights 3)

At the airport you will find our driver with a displey with your name written on it. After the meeting he will take you to your hotel.
Check in hotel
Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

2° day - Palermo

Morning guided tour of the city of Palermo At 10.00 am meeting at the hotel reception with the local specialized guide. Our wolking tour in Palermo will start from Palazzo dei Normanni, where you will follow the different stages of its historical urban development.
Along the ax wich crosses ancient Cassaro, we will discover discover some of the footprints of the Phoenician settlement, the Cathedral, the hybrid styles of the San Cataldo and Martorana churces and the artistic masterpieces of the spanish rule.
We will then continue the visit of the famous Opera House Teatro Massimo that profs both the 19 th-century urban renovation and the new season of hopes called Spring of Palermo due to its re-opening in 1997.

Free lunch
We will continue the tour among the narrow steets of some ancied Arabic city markets such as “ Capo” and “ Ballarò” and “Capo”

Shopping and free time in Palermo at 5.30 pm return to the hotel in Palermo.

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

3° day - Cefalù and Monreale

Morning guided tour of the city of Cefalù and Monreale. At 09.30 am meeting at the hotel reception with the local specialized guide and our driver. Cefalú, a medieval city built on the site of an ancient Sicanian and Greek settlement.
At the center of the village stands the 12th century Norman Cathedral built under the reign of Roger II. The presbytery is covered with beautiful mosaics on a gilded background, displaying a surprising variety of color .and forming an admirable expression of Byzantine art. Your travels through Cefalú will offer numerous photo opportunities. Among them: the imposing beauty of the 14th century mansion known as Osterio Magno or "Great Guest House". This beautifully restored structure was the legendary residence of King Roger II when he visited Cefalú. Then visit the Lavatoio, a 16th century wash-house.

Free lunch

We will continue the tour for Duomo di Monreale, 40 minutes with car. This 12th-century cathedral was designed to the very finest detail, with intricate mosaics covering the walls, ceiling and floor, Romanesque bronze doors, and a well-preserved Byzantine cloister. 

at 5.30 pm return to the hotel in Palermo. Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

4° day - Segesta and Erice

Morning guided tour of the city of Segesta and Erice. At 09.30 am meeting at the hotel reception with the local specialized guide and our driver.
Visit a Segesta. Built in the 5th century B.C., the temple of Segesta with its 36 Colum’s is one of the most beautiful and complete examples of Doric architecture.

We will continue the tour for Erice, 40 minutes with car. Erice is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The Elymians settled the medieval town of Erice, which was an important religious site associated with the goddess Venus. Free lunch in Erice. Then we drive through the Sea Salt pans of Trapani, where the ancient tradition of harvesting salt from the sea is still practiced and arrive at the hotel where we will stay one night, 05.00 pm.

Reception and room delivery.

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

5° day - Marsala, Mozia Island, Selinunte

At 9.00 am departure from the hotel to Marsala. From the hotel to Marsala 45 minutes by car. At 10.00 am meeting at Imbarcadero Salina Infersa with the specialized guide, point of embarkation boat for the island of Mozia At 10.15 am, 10 minute crossing to reach Isola di Mozia.Visit to the island of MOZIA in front of Marsala.

Lunch in a restaurant in the center of Marsala including wines.

At 03.30 pm visit Florio Winery in Marsala with wine tasting.The Florio Cellars, built in 1832 by Vincenzo Florio, are a place where you can not only take a plunge into history but also enter a craft and contemporary world with an intense, unusual and precious soul, where tradition and innovation come together to create a reality with a unique charm.

We will continue the tour for Selinunte, 60 minutes with car. The majestic ruins of Selinunte, the westernmost of the ancient Greek colonies, are found on the southern coast of Sicily (south-east ) between the present-day counties of Campobello and Menfi. The city of Selinos as it was called by the Greeks was once one of the richest and most influential in the world and its ruins are one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily. It is also very beautiful with its wonderful cliff top position and sea views.

The journey continues to arrive in a hundred minutes in Agrigento. Check in hotel in Agrigento

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

6° day - Agrigento ( from here begins the tour of the southern part of Sicily )

Ore 9.45 am Departure from you hotel Visit to the Valley of the Temples meeting with the specialized, recommended guide.

The rediscovery of Akragas began towards the end of the eighteenth century, when the first European travellers reached Sicily, discovering an unexpected and immense artistic, archaeological heritage. In a almost enchanted valley, full of almond trees in bloom, it is the most impressive group of monuments of all of Magna Greece.
The unique charm of this site is in this blend of cultural environment and natural landscape.

After visiting the site we will visit a winery to make a typical Sicilian lunch and a tasting of Sicilian wines.

The journey continues to arrive in Ragusa.

3 nights in this aera of Sicily with a lot of culture, history, beautiful landscapes and noble palaces and with a great and important culture of cooking and the best Sicilian wines. In Ragusa you can do a good 4 hour cooking school in English and after dinner you will have the products made by you at the cooking class products made by you in the cooking class.

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

If you have preferred to book the customized 6-day tour to visit only the northern part of Sicily, today after visiting the Valley of the Temples, you only have the transfer to the airports of Palermo or Catania.

7° day - Ragusa

Departure from the hotel in Ragusa at 10,00 am for wolking tour, no driver service but i recommend that you use a local tour guide for a visit to the UNESCO historic center and the noble palaces throughout the morning. Free lunch, I recommend a wonderful experience from the sceff Ciccio Sultano 2 Michelin stars, the Duomo restaurant or a good dinner. Afternoon free for relaxation or live unique experiences.

In Ragusa it is possible to visit three laboratories: the workshop of the two artists who paint the famous and historical Sicilian Carretti, the ceramic workshop and the gold and ceramic jewelery workshop.

To do these experiences you must ask your driver the day before and he will make a reservation that you do not have to pay.

It is possible to visit an ancient noble palace where today lives the original family of Barone Arezzo di Trifiletti and taste a good Sicilian wine with the Baron. This experience is subject to pay.

RAGUSA: you will discover, through the narrow streets and twisted, the elegant baroque and neoclassical architectural structures of this town. The Cathedral of St. George, the Church of St. Joseph, the noble palaces (Arezzo Donnafugata, the Fortress, Cosentini), the circle of the conversation and many others are evidence of the Sicily of the Gattopardo happily described by Tomasi di Lampedusa. At the end tasting of typical products.

At 5.30 pm return to the hotel in Ragusa

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

8° day - Modica, Scicli, Noto

At 9.45 am Departure from you hotel. Meeting with the specialized, recommended guide.

Visit to the Modica, Scicli and Noto with transfer to hotel in Syracuse.

MODICA: defined both as “the island in the island” and “the city with a hundred churches”, because of the numerous churches of the city. Modica, whose county was the capital of one of the most important feudal states in South Italy.

SCICLI: is an ancient town located in the south of Sicily and belonging to the UNESCO Heritage Site of “Val di Noto”; of course, it shares the same history with the other renowned cities of the district, such as Noto, Modica and Ragusa: the earthquake of 1693 and the subsequent rebuilding in magnificent Sicilian baroque style. The town is brimming with superb palaces and churches built with local white stone; let’s mention, among others, the churches of Sant’Ignazio, San Matteo, San Bartolomeo and Santa Maria la Nova; the most striking palace is undoubtedly Palazzo Beneventano, decorated with leering faces, characterful gargoyles and decorative fancies.

NOTO: The main thoroughfare is Corso Vittorio Emanuele along which many of Noto’s most representative buildings stand. It begins at the Porta Reale and extends west via three piazzas, each with its own church. The public gardens are situated along this road (or at least looking on to it) as is the Monastero del Santissimo Salvatore with its graceful tower, the inspired Palazzo Ducrezio, the cathedral, the Church of San Francesco, the Jesuit Church and College, and Palazzo Nicolaci di Villadorata. Under the supervision of the Duke of Camastra, the Spanish Viceroy’s right-hand man, three architects, Labisi, Sinatra and Gagliardi, set to work, intent on creating a new town based firmly on Baroque ideals.

Ceck in hotel in Syracuse before 5:00pm.

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

9° day - Siracusa and Ortigia

At 9.45 am

Departure from you hotel. Meeting with the specialized, recommended guide

Visit to the Syracuse aercheologic parck and Ortigia for a visit to the UNESCO historic center. 

Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian), founded in the 8th Century BC by Greek settlers, became the most important city of Magna Graecia after growing so powerful and affluent as to rival Athens after only a few centuries.  The mathematician Archimedes was born in Siracusa, and Cicero proclaimed it “The greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of them all.”
Of all the cities in Sicily, Syracuse remains the most enduring and vibrant synthesis of the island’s multifaceted past, that of the ancient Greeks featuring most prominently.  If you love ancient history, you may not know where to begin!  There are tons of remains from Greek civilization, with the gigantic Greek theatre from the 5th Century BC is the main draw in the Neapolis Archeological site.
The island of Ortigia, the heart of Syracuse, is a pleasant place to stroll, whether down narrow Medieval lanes or on the seaside promenade.  There are many points of interest to explore.
In beautiful Piazza Duomo the Baroque prevails but the mix of historic influences can be seen in the cathedral, which was built over a former temple to Athena. 
At the tip of the island is Castello Maniace, a fortress from the 13th Century. 
Greek mythology is still alive and well at Fonte Arethusa, where the nymph for whom the fountain is named was turned into a fresh water spring by the Goddess Artemis in order to escape the pursuit of the river god Alpheus. 
For a Sicilian sensory-fest, there is the farmer’s market, a place buzzing with colours and smells and life.

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

10° day - Taormina

Departure from the hotel at 10,00 am for wolking tour, no driver service but i recommend that you use a local tour guide for a visit Taormina

Free dinner (possible taxi charged to customers)

Taormina is one of Sicily's most picturesque towns and It's the best-known resort. 
Taormina has become a world-famous international resort thanks to its charming atmosphere, natural beauty, great climate, rich culture, varied architecture, and ancient history.
One of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily, the amphitheater built by the ancient Greeks and expanded by the Romans is the attraction not to be missed in Taormina.  Even if you don’t care about ruins you will be wowed by the stunning coastal view with Mount Etna rising the distance.  Palazzo Corvaja is another interesting architectural point of interest.  The most important medieval mansion in the city, it is a mixture of Arab, Gothic and Norman influences, and houses a museum of Sicilian arts and crafts.
If you prefer shopping to architecture and ancient history, take a stroll on Corso Umberto, where the shopping is complemented by the handsome buildings and vine-covered balconies.  But don’t shop until you drop; you’ll want to save some energy for Piazza IX Aprile, the giant checkerboard terrace that is Taormina’s main square.  The surroundings are so gorgeous you may tire yourself out taking selfies.

11° day - Etna and river of the Cyclops. Before Breakfast in hotel departure 09:30am for visit the Etna which is the highest active volcano in Europe,take an easy light stroll around thevulcan Silvestri craters.

After a drive of about 45 minutes we arrive in winery for visit, lunch and sicilian etna wine tasting. 

 After the winery visit with lunch we have a 30-minute journey to reach the Riviera dei Ciclopi. A free walk on the sea that hosts the legend of the Cyclops is a unique and relaxing experience.

Return in your hotel in Taormina before 05:00pm

Mt. Etna. To the ancient Greeks, Mount Etna was the realm of Hephaestus, god of fire, Vulcan to the Romans.  Towering above the island of Sicily at almost 11,000 feet, Etna is Europe's highest volcano and one of the world's most active, being pretty much in a constant state of activity. Like any fashionable volcano, she is noted for her wide variety of eruption styles.  The volcanic soil around the volcano is gloriously fertile, and the area is renowned for its excellent honey and special wine, which is produced with infinite Sicilian pride.

 Ciclopi river:  The village of Aci Castello marks the beginning of the Riviera dei Ciclopi, a beautiful stretch of coastline wrapped in myth and legend. According to Homer’s Odyssey, the Cyclops hurled giant rocks at Ulysses and his men as they fled from the island.  The Cyclops, however, had been blinded by Ulysses, so his aim wasn’t the greatest.  The rocks missed Ulysses and his crew, landing in the sea just off the coast of Aci Trezza, and remain today as the unusual Faraglioni sea stacks. After passing the ancient village of Aci Castello, now a popular destination for swimming, sunning and snorkeling, we’ll reach Aci Trezza, a fishing village that was the setting of Giovanni Verga's 1881 novel I Malavoglia.


12° day - Transfer to Catania airport. The end tour with ours and ciao ciao Sicilia.

If you have booked the 6-day personalized tour to visit the southern part of Sicily, our advice is to arrive on the first day at the Catania or Palermo airport and have the transfer to get to the hotel in Agrigento. and start there.


Specialized personnel. One or all of these experts may be incorporated into your tour:

Drivers – Let courteous drivers transport you to your selected locations and remain at your disposal during day trips. Relax without worry about directions and map reading – just sit back and enjoy Italy’s panoramic landscape.

Tour Escorts – A bi-lingual Italian escort can accompany your group and manage all aspects of the tour, keeping everyone engaged in fresh and stimulating activities.

Licensed Local Guides – Benefit from a private guided tour by English speaking experts who specialize in a specific location to educate and provide insight into Italy’s history, art and culture.

Please make your reservation by writing to us by e-mail with your preferences: driver service only or driver service with tour escort or driver service with local tour guide. Ciao ciao from Sicily.

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Need help? Call us now!
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