Visit Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone with wine tasting lunch in winery


The history of the Romans in Sicily and the love for art, food and wine in the Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone.

Private 7/8 hour day tour with driver. 

On your private day tour, our experienced local drivers can recommend the best places to see, the most suitable restaurants, how to best use the touring time and, if necessary, possible short-term changes of plans according to individual likes or dislikes.As part of the private day trip, we can also provide local guides for private walking tour and musuem visits.

You will meet our driver at 08:30am at the reception of your hotel or at the entrance of your residence. The driver will present you the day's program. Departure in the direction of the Piazza Armerina for visit the Villa Romana of Casale. Here our advice is to have a reservation with a specialized local guide, the visit takes about 100 minutes.

We now have a 45-minute drive to get to Winery. The guided tour of the Winery, the vineyards and the cellar takes about 1 hour. After the visit there will be lunch immersed in the Sicilian countryside with typical Sicilian products and the guided tasting. After the winery visit with lunch we have a 30-minute journey to reach the Caltagirone, city of ceramics. Here you have a time of about 90 minutes for a walk to see the famous Scala della Ceramica and an alboratory that transforms terra cotta into hand-painted ceramic.Return to the hotel before 6:00 pm.

 Piazza Armerina:  The Villa, a UNESCO World Heritage site from 1997, is one of the most important evidence of Roman master's residence because it's sophisticated and beautiful. It was discovered in 1950, the splendid architecture dates approximately from the first half of IV century but dating of estate is still unclear.Due to its majesty experts first thought  it was committed by Emperor but lately, after  discovering  other related villas in Sicily, they tought it could be a private property and the owner was probably an aristocrat, a Roman senator maybe or a Roman governor. We're speaking about an area of around 3.500 mq paved with splendid mosaics fully preserved, created by african artists, experts say, showing scenes drawn from Omero's literary work, from Greek mythology and from daily life. Villa's mosaics aren't just beautiful but also historical record of certain aspects of Roman culture like beasts hunting for circus and coliseum games. The main example is the Great Hunt mosaic in the corridor, which extend to 70 meters and can de read as a large map of Roman empire symbolized by fauna and by natural enviroments of empire's regions.

 Caltagirone:  The Cathedral of Saint Giuliano was built during the Norman domination. It has three naves, and in the nineteenth century its walls were decorated with the wonderful frescos made by the Sicilian painter Giuseppe Vaccaro; the fascinating Convent of the Franciscan Friars Minors, built in the neo-Gothic style and decorated with beautiful frescos, includes the church of Saint Francis of Assisi. Thanks to its marvellous eighteenth century’s baroque façade, the church has been included in the Fund for Religious Buildings’ historical and artistic heritage. Another important monument of the village is the Tondo Vecchio, a semi-circular building that recalls the shape of a theatre that looks towards the Valle di Ponente (Western Valley) and the coast. If you are curious and you want to take a deeper look into the history and traditions of this spectacular city, you might want to visit the Museum of Contemporary Ceramic, the International Museum of “Presepe” – a traditional Italian representation of the nativity scene that takes place every year during Christmas time – and La Scala Infiorita (19/05 to 15/06), thousands of vases with plants and flowers create one majestic illustration on the 142 steps of the Church of Santa Maria del Monte. 

For lunch we recommend three wineries in reference to the experiences made by our best customers but to confirm one of these wineries our staff must have the information from you for the date you prefer. Each winery has different formats of experiences and different costs per person.

The cost of the winery experience with the winery visit and lunch is not included in the price of our driver service.

These are the three winery recommended by us for the wine tasting with lunch:

 Specialized personnel. One or all of these experts may be incorporated into your tour:

Drivers – Let courteous drivers transport you to your selected locations and remain at your disposal during day trips. Relax without worry about directions and map reading – just sit back and enjoy Italy’s panoramic landscape.

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Licensed Local Guides – Benefit from a private guided tour by English speaking experts who specialize in a specific location to educate and provide insight into Italy’s history, art and culture.

Please make your reservation by writing to us by e-mail with your preferences: driver service only or driver service with tour escort or driver service with local tour guide. Ciao ciao from Sicily.

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