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    Tour Syracuse and Palazzolo Acreide

    Chauffeurs Inn Italy / Tour Syracuse and Palazzolo Acreide

    Tour Syracuse and Palazzolo Acreide

    $500 per person

    Departure with our driver from your hotel at 9:00am. First stop to visit Palazzolo Acreide.

    As UNESCO World Heritage Site, Palazzolo Acreide is the gem of the Syracusan Hyblaean plateau without any doubts. Its territory, which was already inhabited during Protohistory, hosted the subcolony of Syracusa, Akrai. It was founded by the Syracusans on a site overlooking the Hyblaean inland in 664/663 BC.
    The city finally achieved the peak of its economic and monumental magnificence between the 4th and 3rd century BC. Moreover, Palazzolo Acreide is also characterised by its exceptional old part, where the intricate urban arrangement of the medieval Palatiolum – almost entirely destroyed by the 1693 earthquake – mixes with the plastic play of lights and shadows coming from its Baroque buildings and churches.

    On our private guided tour, we will visit the Archaeological Park of Akrai, where you will admire one of the best preserved Greek theaters in Sicily and Southern Italy, a bouleutérion, built for the city government, the so-called Aphrodite Temple, and the great stone quarries of Intagliata and Intagliatella.
    We’ll then have a walk in Palazzolo Acreide, during which we will go into the ruins of the Medieval castle, and the Baroque Churches of San Paolo and San Sebastiano.

    The second stop is to visit Syracuse. Starting from the Archaeological Park of Syracuse, the old district of Neapolis, we will uncover the stunning Greek and Roman monuments of the city, such as the Greek theater, the latomies (ancient quarries), the Altar of Iero II and the Roman amphitheater.

    Our expert-led private tour will bring you then at the heart of the city, the island of Ortygia, where the first Corinthian settlers landed, among the streets of Greek origin, the Medieval buildings and the Baroque churches. Myth and history, ancient and modern, pagan and Christian, light and shade, will be harmoniously combined with a natural.

    In Syracuse there is also a very important area of the culture of the Jewish people. On this private walking tour we will discover the Jewish Syracuse by exploring its borders, meeting places, and rituals. The Giudecca neighborhood, which is enclosed by streets of Greek origins, reveals the long history of the Sicilian Jews who enlivened the city life of the main towns for more than 1000 years. We will go for a stroll around Ortigia to find out about the Jews by looking at the Mikveh (the ritual purification bath), the roofless aisles of the former city synagogue, whose Latin name was Meschita Judeorum, and the Hebrew inscriptions that are reminiscent of their burial places. This is an extra itinerary that we can offer to people who ask and are interested.

    Write to us your questions and we will develop the personalized tour for you and the quotation.
    This tour is possible starting from the regions of Ragusa, Catania, Syracuse and Taormina.

    • Departure
      of Ragusa, Catania, Syracuse and Taormina
    • Included
      Tour Syracuse and Palazzolo Acreide
    • Not Included
      Lunch and tasting at the winery (40,00 € per person)
      Visit of a sicilian winery
      Self-guided tour of Temples valey
      Driver service


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