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    Author: gosrl

    Chauffeurs Inn Italy / Articles posted by gosrl
    29 Nov

    Autista privato in Sicilia

    Su prenotazione siamo disponibili h 24 364 giorni all'anno. I nostri servizi sono dedicati ai 2 settori dove siamo particolarmente specializzati....

    11 Apr

    Easter in Sicily

    I have been to Erice last Easter with a small group of people and I had the opportunity to see the very impressive Procession of the Mysteries....

    12 Mar

    Il Commissario Montalbano

    My family and I, we had the pleasureof hosting, in our small guest house, il Duomo Relais in Ragusa Ibla, Luca Zingaretti, for the filming of one of the new episodes of "Il Commissario Montalbano"....

    11 Feb

    A tour guide in Palermo

    Beeing a tour guide is my passion. I love my city and even better I am proud of showing its beauties and contrasts to the people who want to visit it....

    9 Feb

    Sicilian Wine Taster

    Hi my name is Giovanni Carbone and I am a wine tester.  I am at your disposal to give you information about Sicilian wines, Sicilian cellars and winery....